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Pilates instruction studio online
Pilates Instruction

I offer in person private Pilates sessions and virtual private and group sessions.  A private session is tailored to your individual fitness goals, strengths and weaknesses. For in person sessions, exercises are performed on the mat and Pilates equipment, including the reformer. Sessions last 55 minutes. With virtual sessions, we use the mat, chairs, walls, and any other useful props and toys you may have at home. 


Pilates exercises help develop good posture and alignment, stability, balance, strength, flexibility, and flowing movement. Strength and flexibility of abdominal and back muscles are central to a Pilates program.  Pilates integrates the mind and body, teaching mental focus and coordination.  Pilates promotes both physical and mental rejuvenation. 


 In my teaching, I use the 3Core Connections®
Embodied Perspective. This somatic perspective, developed by Pilates and movement expert Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle, teaches us that moving with whole body coordination helps us move more efficiently and with decreased tension. We move away from the attitude of working hard to pull in our belly and strengthen the body in pieces and parts. We shift to a goal of whole body movement and toning by finding what is just enough effort and letting go of unnecessary tension.


We focus on sensing our body and its patterns in posture, movement and breathing.  We learn to distinguish the experience of moving in pieces and parts from the experience of moving with a sense of whole body relationship and support. We become aware of how our breathing is part of this support.  We sense our relationships to gravity and space and explore how these relationships support our whole body movement.


We learn to appreciate the body’s own intelligence in helping us reorganize our movement.  Instead of doing boring, tiring exercise, we move with joy and become energized. 


Pilates sessions take place virtually or at my West Los Angeles studio.  Lisa also works with Goodman Physical Therapy in West Los Angeles.


I am a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher.

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