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Lisa Schechter is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher.  She received her Pilates instructor training through the Sheppard Method Pilates certification program and she also is a licensed Buff Bones® instructor. (See Home page for description of Buff Bones®.)  


Lisa enjoys helping others find their own mind-body connections through Pilates.  Due to her life-long interest in dance, the Pilates method's focus on organized posture and movement that is both precise and flowing particularly resonates with her.  Through Pilates, we become more aware of our body and how it moves.  We learn to strengthen the body safely and effectively, to organize our posture and movement. 

Lisa is a graduate of Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle's Passing the Torch teacher mentoring program.  Lisa uses Wendy's 3Core® Connections in her teaching.  This perspective teaches that moving with whole body coordination helps us move more efficiently and let go of unnecessary tension.  We become aware of how our breathing can support us.  We sense our relationships to gravity and space and explore how these relationships support our movement too.  We learn to appreciate the body’s own intelligence.  Our movement becomes energizing and joyful.   

Along with teaching Pilates and Buff Bones®, Lisa helps her husband, David Schechter, MD run his medical practice and publication business, MindBody Medicine Publications.  Dr. Schechter is a family practice and sports medicine physician and one of his areas of focus is mind/brain related pain.

For more information about Dr. Schechter's MindBody medicine focus and his new book, Think Away Your Pain, go to www.mindbodymedicine.com and www.thinkawaypain.us.

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